Potato and zucchini fritters with cheese and ham

This potato and zucchini fritter with cheese and ham is a complete dish. You can enjoy it for lunch or dinner. This original fritter takes no time at all to prepare. I used light, delicious ingredients to shape it. Does this recipe appeal to you? Let’s get in the kitchen and prepare it together!

Preparation time: 35 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Servings: 6

3 zucchinis
600 g yellow potatoes
150 g cooked ham
150 g provola cheese
50 g Parmesan cheese
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Salt to taste

How to make potato and zucchini fritters with cheese and ham?

Cut the zucchinis into thin slices. Place on a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. Then leave to cool.

Peel the potatoes and place in a saucepan of cold water. Bring to the boil for 20 minutes, until softened. Drain, place in a bowl and mashed potato until smooth, then leave to cool. Next, add the ham cut into thin strips, salt, parsley and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil. Mix well.

Line a 20 cm doughnut tin with the previously cooked zucchinis. Add half the potato filling, the diced provola and cover with the rest of the filling. Line the surface of the fritter with more zucchini and bake at 180° for about 30 minutes.

Once the potato and zucchini fritter with cheese and ham is ready, remove from the oven and leave to cool, then remove from the tin. Cut into pieces and serve.