Here is a recipe for a tasty 30-Minute Seven-Layer Salad that is quick and simple:

A large head. Of lettuce, I rinsed it well, then I dried and chopped it.
500 gr.Of bacon.
1 C.Of grated Parmesan cheese.
1 C.Of chopped cauliflower.
1 Pkg. Of 10-oz frozen green peas, I thawed it.
1 C.Of mayonnaise.
1 chopped red onion.
Shredded Cheddar cheese.
2 Tbsp.Of white sugar.

This is how to prepare it!! It’s super easy!!
Step 1
In a broad skillet, I cooked bacon over medium-high heat until brown.
Step 2
I crumbled it, and set it aside for later.
Step 3
I combined the sliced cabbage, with the chopped red onion, the spinach, the shredded cheese, cauliflower, and the bacon in a wide flat dish.
Step 4
To make the dressing, I whisked the mayonnaise with the sugar, and Parmesan cheese together.
Step 5
I drizzled over the salad, then I put it in the fridge to totally chilled until serving time.

You can alter this salad to your preferences by incorporating or omitting ingredients like diced ham, diced bell peppers, or hard-boiled eggs. Feel free to use your imagination and personalize it!